Being a freelancer I can offer you lower rates as compared to agencies, delivering, at the same time, a translation of high quality. Agencies generally employ freelancers like me to do translations you send them, therefore their rates are higher. But when you need to translate a big project in a reasonably short time or a translation in multiple languages is needed, agencies, of course, are indispensable in this case.

The rates bellow are average:

  • English-Ukrainian 0.05 Euro per word of the source text
  • Polish-Ukrainian 0.04 Euro per word of the source text

The rates depend on the subject matter, the source text legibility, the number of words, etc. A surcharge for urgency amounting to 30-100% above normal rates (a translation more than 2500 words to be translated per day is considered urgent) may be applicable.

Technical texts are, of course, charged at higher rates. The following texts are considered technical:

  • √ equipment, car manuals;
  • √ household appliances, instruction manuals;
  • √ various texts containing technical terms.

Please contact me for a precise quote having attached a text sample.

To pay for my services you can choose the payment method that suits you best:

  • Bank transfer
  • Check
  • Western Union (or similar services)

Payment is accepted in USD, EUR or UAH only.

After completion of your project you will be sent an invoice along with an Acceptance Report* (both in the PDF format). The latter should be signed and sent back to me*.

*Applies to customers outside of Ukraine who chose the bank transfer method. For more information, please refer to the "Conditions" section.